Wednesday 21 November 2012

Art Preview - Blind Data : Please Do Touch Art @ St Leonard’s Church aka the Actor's Church (Shoreditch)

How does a blind person go about experiencing the intricate detail of the Mona Lisa or the majesty of the ceiling of the Sistine chapel? This was the question that inspired the artistic duo known as Scratchadelia to create a show filled with art that visitors will never see.
Instead their latest exhibition will involve leading both blind and sighted, but blindfolded, visitors on a guided tour of their artworks, which can only be experienced by touch. Each piece is a tribute to a famous work of art but with only one sense to work with, and imagination left to fill in the rest, it will be interesting to see the different takes of visitors on each work.
This show is only on for one weekend and to ensure we don’t spoil the surprise — we haven’t seen or felt the artworks — the images in this article are from previous exhibitions by Scratchadelia. So we’re just as much in the dark as visitors will be.
Blind Data: Please Do Touch is on display in St Leonard’s Church, Shoreditch High Street, E1 6JN from 23-25 November. Admission is free.
Article by Tabish Khan   @LondonArtCritic